ITAC Solutions Welcomes Tia Temple to the Birmingham Team

ITAC is excited to welcome Tia Temple to ITAC’s Birmingham team! As an Associate Tech Recruiter, Tia will engage qualified technical candidates, create mutually beneficial relationships and ultimately, recruit top-notch IT talent for ITAC’s clients. Tia’s career began at the University of Alabama as a student athletic recruiter. Upon graduation, she transitioned into an IT recruiting role in Atlanta. To learn more about Tia, check out the Q&A below! Continue reading

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How to Manage Remote Employees

Telecommuting and remote workforces are on the rise. In fact, SHRM reports that by 2020, three-quarters of U.S. employees will work remotely. Remote working certainly offers advantages to employees—flexibility, reduced commute times, decreased childcare costs and productivity, but it presents managers with the challenge of less interaction with their employees. As a manager, how can you maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages? Check out these tips for managing remote employees:   Continue reading

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ITAC Takes on Nashville

By: Kemper Trull, ITAC Nashville Market Leader

As one of the fastest-growing metropolitans in the U.S., Nashville is experiencing constant change in the company landscape and an influx of new talent from around the country. Not only is it known for its prominence in the healthcare industry, but Nashville’s technology sector is also seeing major growth. Overall, the city is becoming more transient, which brings in great diversity in ideas and experience and opens the door to job growth. Continue reading

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The Importance of Soft Skills

Not only are hiring managers looking for candidates possessing job-specific hard skills, but they’re also seeking candidates who demonstrate the soft skills necessary for success. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Improve Retention in 2018

Today’s ongoing war for top talent and generation of job hoppers makes it challenging to improve employee retention. Though employees are a company’s most valuable asset, employee turnover is a huge problem for many employers these days. Keep your employees happy and improve your employee retention rate in 2018 with these seven strategies: Continue reading

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Find Flexibility in 2018

From telecommuting and flexible scheduling to freelance and part-time work, the number of flexible jobs is on the rise. Workplace flexibility is such a popular perk with job seekers these days, and employers are starting to notice and adapt. What’s so great about workplace flexibility? Not only does it improve employee work-life balance, but it also leads to increased employee performance and productivity. Continue reading

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Huntsville & Nashville Named Hottest Cities for Tech Jobs

Calling all techies! Are you in search of a new job or a new city? According to Money, these 20 cities are where you should be looking in 2018. The article highlights that the tech industry is expanding beyond Silicon Valley and other big cities. Based on year-over-year job growth for engineering, software and IT roles, Huntsville, AL lands at the top of the list and Nashville, TN lands at eighth. Continue reading

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Trends to Watch in 2018

A new year not only brings resolutions, goals and fresh starts, but it also brings new trends, fads and demands. Hiring and workplace trends impact how companies structure, recruit, train and retain their workforces. To stay competitive, it’s essential that employers and hiring managers are informed of the emerging trends and adjust workplace structure and hiring strategies as needed.

As we dive into 2018, check out these trends to watch: Continue reading

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6 Resolutions for Career Success in 2018

A new year provides us with the opportunity to start fresh and make positive changes. Though many of us resolve to eat healthier, lose weight or save money, some of us set career goals for the new year. If you’re one of these career-oriented individuals, it’s important for you to not only set goals, but make proactive plans to achieve them.

Here are 6 New Year’s resolutions for career advancement and success. Challenge yourself to achieve one of these in 2018. Continue reading

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How to End the Year on a High Note

The holidays are officially in full swing, which means the end of the year is not too far behind. As a leader and hiring manager, it is important to end the year on a high note—no matter what happened throughout the year. Abide by these 3 tips and your employees will be motivated when they return from the holidays. Continue reading

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