The Benefits of a Speedy Hiring Process

Short Hiring ProcessBecause the best candidates are typically in high-demand, it is essential to streamline your company’s hiring process to avoid losing candidates to competitors. However, shortening your hiring process does not mean abandoning your hiring standards. When you have a position to fill, be prepared to be decisive and make hiring a priority. Take time to thoroughly evaluate candidates, but avoid a lengthy deliberation period. Remember, the longer you procrastinate, the higher the chances of the candidate receiving and accepting another offer. Hoping that the candidate will be patient if he or she truly wants the job is simply not worth the risk.

Securing top talent is not the only reason you should move quickly. A speedy hiring process also saves resources, improves candidates’ experiences and increases acceptance rates.

Secure high-quality hires.

These days employers are racing against the speed of the job market and candidates’ expectations. Recruiting quickly and making timely hiring decisions gives you the upper-hand when seeking top talent. Candidates may be interviewing at several companies, so it’s important to get your offer on the table early if you’re confident the candidate is right for the job.

Save resources.

Hiring faster helps you minimize the resources spent searching for a candidate. Though it’s important to invest time and money to find the right candidate, you don’t want to waste it on the wrong candidates. The time it takes to conduct interviews and evaluate candidates adds up quickly. Narrow your list down to the most qualified candidates and only spend time interviewing the ones that might actually be right for the job. If you don’t have the time to spare, consider employing the help of a staffing agency to help streamline the process.

Improve the candidate’s experience.

Nobody likes being strung along and left waiting for an email. Communicating your hiring decisions with candidates in a timely manner improves their experience with your company. On the other hand, demanding numerous interviews, prolonging the hiring process and forcing candidates to wait for feedback gives them a bad first impression of your company. A reputation of being slow decision makers could cause you to lose the interest of your top prospects.

Increase acceptance rates.

Lastly, a speedy hiring process generates higher response and acceptance rates. Candidates will be pleasantly surprised by prompt follow ups and respond much better. Likewise, reducing the time from interview to offer gives candidates less time to interview elsewhere, receive counteroffers or reconsider your proposition.

All in all, by expediting your company’s hiring process, you’ll build talented teams and reap these benefits. After all, good hiring practices build better businesses.

ITAC Solutions is a recruiting firm headquartered in Birmingham with additional offices in Atlanta, Huntsville, Mobile and Nashville.  ITAC specializes in the temporary, contract and direct placement of accounting, information technology, corporate and administrative professionals. 

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