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How to Land a Temporary Job During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for Christmas carols, colored lights, holiday shopping AND seasonal hiring. During the holiday hustle and bustle, retailers and other businesses often depend on temporary employees to help manage the heightened workload and cover for employees’ vacation time. … Continue reading

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ITAC Solutions Welcomes Kemper Trull to the Nashville Team

We’re excited to welcome Kemper Trull to ITAC’s Nashville team! As Nashville’s Market Leader, Kemper is responsible for helping the Nashville office reach its full potential.  Currently, he is selling and recruiting in the accounting/finance and office/administrative verticals while seeking … Continue reading

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Boost Your Business with Short-Term Hiring

Though many companies rely on short-term hires and temporary staff during the summer months or holiday rush, there are more benefits to short-term hiring than you may expect. In fact, short-term hiring can boost your business by providing your company … Continue reading

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What NOT to Do When Interviewing New Grads

New grads can be great resources for companies of any size—they’re full of energy and new ideas and ready to learn in their first real-world jobs. But, because they lack professional experience, interviewing these youngsters can be a challenge. Here … Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Take a Temporary Position

These days finding a full-time position isn’t easy, but never fear, temporary positions are here! Whether you’re a recent graduate desperately seeking a job to pay the bills or a more seasoned professional looking for new opportunities, temporary positions offer … Continue reading

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ITAC Solutions Welcomes Trevor Boren to the Nashville Office

ITAC is excited to welcome Trevor Boren to ITAC’s Nashville team! As an IT Recruiter, Trevor will seek out and identify top IT talent, work to understand the needs of the candidates and successfully match them with the talent needs … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Staffing Employee Week

ITAC Solutions is excited to join the American Staffing Association and staffing firms across the nation to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week. During this special week (Sept. 19-23), we’re honoring the contributions of the millions of individuals employed by U.S. … Continue reading

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4 Crucial Interview Tips for Employers

One of the most important responsibilities for any business owner or hiring manager, is hiring the best people to join your team. You need the right people, with the right skills and, even more importantly the right attitude, to ensure … Continue reading

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3 Signs a Candidate is Looking for a Career, Not a Job

If a job is something you do short-term for cash while a career is a pursuit of a life-long ambition, which would you rather the candidate view your open position as? In any career, your purpose is to grow professionally, … Continue reading

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Administrative Professionals Week

Most every organization has a rewards system designed to acknowledge the successes of its sales force, including contests, incentive trips, lavish dinners and even trophies.  Without a successful sales force, stockrooms and warehouses are full of merchandise/products or those on … Continue reading

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